DeMartini Fletcher



Since their establishment in 1980, DeMartini Fletcher has established an enviable track record in property development across Queensland.

As a boutique developer, they collaborate with Queensland’s best consultants and builders to produce high quality buildings.

The process that they adhere to demands that they rst select premium sites, in locations that support long term capital growth. Internal control of the project management activities ensures that every detail is considered, which results in outcomes that respond to their customer’s demands.

DeMartini Fletcher are proud of their reputation and continue to work hard to maintain it.

Ellivo Architects



Ellivo Architects are experienced commercial, mixed-use and residential architects based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Ellivo Architects’ team has been working together with local and international clients since 1998.

They are passionate about design; creative with the use of space, and ardent about achieving balance between development goals and architectural outcomes.

They believe a great design is only valuable when it is delivered successfully as built form, becomes available as usable space and provides an impressive yet functional interior.

They make it a priority to meet the needs of those who build, lease and buy, so that spaces are more than just aesthetically pleasing architecture.

Form Landscape Architects


Form Landscape

Form Landscape Architects is a design focused practice with an emphasis on enhancing communities and creating memorable experiences through strong contemporary design solutions.

From large scale master plans to intimate garden courtyards, our experienced team are committed to connecting people and place, and approach each project with creativity, passion and a collaborative attitude.

Form Landscape Architects believe that high quality design is intentional and is achieved through detailed understanding of the natural and built environment of a site.

Our design outcomes place strong emphasis on creating vibrant and well informed spaces that positively respond to physical, social and environmental realities.

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